Student Applications

The two student related applications are the after school program and the tutoring applications. The after school program is available Monday through Friday from 3pm – 7pm. The tutoring sessions offered by Dawn are available Monday through Friday from 3pm – 7pm and Saturday 9am – 7pm. Parents please fill out the appropriate application which can be located through the links below or the drop down menu in the main navigation bar.

After School Program Application Form 

Tutoring Application Form


Professional Applications

Dawn has three professional development related applications: one is for the professional training and development courses and the other two are for the internship opportunities available through DLC. One of the internship applications is for prospective interns from the US and the other is for prospective interns from countries outside of the US. Internships are required to be completed by all of the professional development courses. Filling out and submitting the application for any of the programs offered by DLC is only part of the application process. An outline of the whole application process can be found here. Below are links to the three different application forms.

Professional Development Application Form 

Internship Application Form (Local)

Internship Application Form (International)