In relation to the medical industry we offer several trainings, internships, and professional development courses for various departments. We have partnered with WNY Medical PC for our online courses and internship programs. These professional development opportunities are related to various aspects of the medical office such as front desk, call center, electronic medical records (EMR), and nurse practitioners.

All of the courses offered at DLC combine theoretical concepts, practical know-how, and a shadowing concept. Trainees will complete each stage in the training and then will be ready to go back into their field with the renewed confidence in their skills.

Front Desk Management

The front desk management is so important because it is the first face-to-face interaction that patients experience when they come to an office. Our course includes concepts such as:

Call Center

Our call center courses are also very beneficial and can be completed through both on- and off-site training. This course will teach students how to:

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

EMRs are the digital files containing all standard medical and clinical data about a patient that is gathered by one specific practice. They are generally used for diagnosis and treatment at that practice. This EMR course is DLC-certified and knowledge gained through it is beneficial because EMRs:

Nurse Practitioner

The nurse practitioner courses specifically comprise of on-site WNY Medical PC training, online training, very complex training at DLC, and Medent training. These courses cover concepts related to:

The completion of an internship is required by all medical-related courses and internship opportunities are available through Dawn Learning Center