Benefits of an international internship

Companies are continually transitioning to operating on a more global scale which requires their employees to have a more global mindset. An international internship can give you a basis to development that global mindset that so many companies are looking for in their new hires. You can also gain insight into global markets and economies along with learning how to act with other companies globally in a professional manner. International internships will set you apart from everyone else in this highly competitive job market.

Students and employers are now recognizing the importance and value of doing an internship, either locally or abroad, because an internship provides you with the ability to get experience before actually entering your field. Having a local internship on your resume looks good but is relatively common to see nowadays, so it does not really set you apart from other applicants. An international internship on the other hand will probably almost always make your application stand out to a potential employer versus all the other applicants. International internships are great because they provide you with the experience of studying abroad and the opportunity to gain experience within your industry. As a bonus you get to travel and live in a new culture for a little while.

Through Dawn you have the opportunity to pursue the amazing adventure of doing an international internship and gaining incomparable industry experience along with knowledge of your industry within another culture.